Matte Tempered Fiber

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Glossy 11d - 11d tempered glasses are lest favorite yet affordable choice for most basic phone models



Glossy pro flexy - these are 2.5d curved thicker glass which tends to flex a little bit and hold its strength over periods of time unlike 11d it'll hold much longer life

Matte - you know if you know matte finish, it'll keep your phone away from fingerprints but little foggy you have to know what is matte finish before ordering this one and if you still get it to complaint that it is foggy then you are too dumb

Privacy - one of those glass gimmicks you can show off or really want to protect your s3xy chats away from other eyes you can get it and cover up eyes surrounded by you 3

Dust proof - these are for elites and who truly care for their phones from not getting dusts on the earpiece and anywhere on the screen then it must your go to glass.

Zero sense - these are one of those edge to edge glass with no fake promises it is what it is and you have to trust the quality and the finish it gives is far superior than a traditional glass